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Cut Copy Release In Ghost Colours, Tour Dates

Cut Copy
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With Michael moved to Dubai and Madonna married to Guy Ritchie the 80’s needed a hero. Not since Mad Max crawled out of the outback spoiling for a fight has the great down under supplied us with a more suitable contender.

As surely as Adam begat Cain and Able so too does Cut Copy arrive seething with Mel Gibson’s dystopic fury, their Bret Easton Ellis electro the perfect synth antiodote to too worthy aspirants to their rightful throne.

DFA’s Tim Goldsworthy is a welcome scribe, taking notations from the altar of history as the Australians distort the space time continuum to suit their own ends. What glory to be so invited, what pleasure lie at the end of such a journey?

Cut Copy Live and Album ArtworkWell friends our scribe has returned, his suffering is our pleasure, his virtue our decadence and his Mount Sinai is crumbling under the weight of its own expectations. Behold the future past in all its timeline bending, bass bind shuddering splendor: In Ghost Colors.

Montreal will have their chance to repent on May 10 at Cabaret Music Hall w/ Black Kids – Buy Cut Copy Tickets Montreal or in Toronto 9 May 2008 at Lee’s Place also with Black kids.

But why wait? Below is a full tracklisting for In Ghost Colors and a few mp3’s from the Melbourne marvels.

In Ghost Colors Tracklisting
1. Feel The Love
2. Out There On The Ice mp3
3. Lights And Music mp3
4. We Fight For Diamonds
5. Unforgettable Season
6. Midnight Runner
7. So Haunted mp3
8. Voices In Quartz
9. Hearts On Fire mp3
10. Far Away
11. Silver Thoughts
12. Strangers In The Wind
13. Visions
14. Nobody Lost, Nobody Found
15. Eternity One Night Only

Don’t forget their earlier classics:Future mp3 and B.A.B.Y mp3

Or why not peruse the whole of the new album via Cut Copy Myspace or buy In Ghost Colors?

If you are new to the band why not at least check out their Hearts on Fire video below?